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Introduction to Playing Squash in Brevard County Florida

Learn Squash on the Space Coast

Ready to play Squash, Learn Squash 

We are excited to announce our new introduction to Squash. Either you are a complet beginer or just curious or want to become the next champion. You will need to start by knowing the game. 

Join us for an introduction to playing squash. Racquet, Court, eyeguards and Ball are provided. 

This beginner Squash class is targeted at those who have never played the sport before or don’t remember. Squash is a non-contact racquet sport played in a four-walled court. Topics covered will range from holding racquets, learning the rules of the sport, and basic technique drills to culminate to playing full games.


  • This class from 10 years old to 99 years old
  • $10/Per player Maximum 5 players
  • Minimum required is 2 players for the class to happen
  • Class might be subject to reschedule due to rain
  • See ou Introduction to playing Squash

Here is what you will learn while burning a great amount of calories 

  • Holding the squash Racquet properly
  • Rules of the game 
  • How to play a game and match 
  • Referee rules 
  • Moving properly on the squash court 
  • Swinging properly your squash racquet. 
  • Have FUN !!!!!! 

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In 1912, the RMS Titanic had a squash court in first class. The 1st-Class Squash Court was situated on G-Deck and the Spectators Viewing Gallery was on the deck above on F-Deck.

Squash is played today by more than 25 million people (1.2 million in the United States), and there are nearly 50,000 courts around the world in 185 countries.

Squash has been voted the healthiest sport to play by Forbes magazine based on cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, calories burned, and risk of injury.

An hour of squash can burn 600-1000 calories.

Prince Philip played squash while Queen Elizabeth II was in labor (for 30 hours) giving birth to Prince Charles.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Our website: Squash Space Coast

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